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EspoCRM integration add-on

by PilotGroup.NET
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When it comes to real estate, efficiency and accuracy of information processing are essential. To be successful realtor, you need to be fully aware of the current sales transactions, appointments and all other vital information that will ensure the company’s success.

espoCRM system is specifically developed to aid you and your business by providing you with an intuitive and simple software that you can use to monitor data. Fully secure and with premium accuracy, this CRM software is built specifically for residential and commercial agents and brokers to help them manage and expand their business.

The main benefit of CRM program is that it allows you to collect all the information you need in a single database. This enables not only higher accuracy, but also greater ease of access and can be applied both for ready-to-sell and previously implemented projects, as well as properties that will be available in the future. You can provide access to the database to every single employee of your choice within just a few seconds.

To help you improve your customer service, espoCRM program enables you to store customer information, including emails, phone calls and even requests made in person, by entering them into the database. Exploring your previous communication and having access to the real estate history of your customers enables you to provide better results upon request and deliver useful information and proposals.

With espoCRM software, all of your planned transactions and agent meetings will be automatically recorded in your personal calendar. Alert system will ensure that you’ll be reminded of all your appointments and items on your to-do list throughout the working day. As a manager of your company, you will also have access to your employees’ calendars, so you can monitor their work, current tasks and work transactions.

The CRM software is suitable for large and small corporations, as well as independent real estate agents. By registering in the system, you’ll receive data automation renewal. Mobile-friendly web app will ensure that you always stay on top of your game and have constant access to the most vital information for your company.