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Andres Márquez Gamboa is a Colombian realtor and owner.


As a South American realtor, Andres has found that it`s very important to have, following the newest tendencies in digital marketing, inbound marketing and a Real Estate Sales Funnel.

As part of this strategy, having your own website is the first step to success. Why? Well, Because when you offer a Free Classifieds service in your country, you will generate a lot of traffic that will see your banners where you offer your services and also, of course, your own inventory of properties.

The key is to reserve the Featured Listings on Homepage section for yourself as a realtor, where Will only be posted your properties as Real Estate Agent. Besides, you Will get info about owners who start selling their properties, in order to offer them your services as Realtor first of any other people. When you get the info about people selling their properties from other classifieds websites, you can offer them in mass through SMS messages the option of publishing their properties for free on your site and when you get a grateful response from many of them, you will be able to offer your services or either make your database of realtors bigger in order to make cross-business in future with them.


Andres has checked a lot of Real Estate software licenses and in the end, decided that the best choice is PG Realty Soft from PilotGroup.

The key features for him were the option to spread your listings abroad through REX and IFX; to have your own RSS add-on; to get revenue by paid service "Featured Listing Section"; to automate the social media posts in all platforms through Zapier service, that allows to save time and money, and reach as many potential costumers as you can in your local city through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.