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Real Estate Chatbot service

by Pilot Group Experts Team
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From $350.00

A chatbot for your real estate website will help you capture leads 24/7, even when you sleep or are away on vacation. Chatbots never call in sick and don`t need a high salary or any salary at all.

This is how it works:
- We set up the dialogue database for your listings and add a widget to your real estate website.
- The bot starts replying to the messages from your leads.
- You get a push notification with the results of every dialogue and the proposed next course of action.

A chatbot will help you expand your reach and get in contact with people who are interested in a property listing but don`t like talking on the phone or cannot speak for some reason.

The bot will have all the basic information about your real estate listings and will be able to answer standard questions like price, location, and more.

Add an extra channel for your audience to reach you!

Software License
VersionAll versions are supported
ReadinessRequires extra setup