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Where do your leads come from? Probably from a variety of sources: referrals, ad calls, expired listings, door knocking, ...and from online lead generation websites.

Internet leads are gold if you have a good nurturing system. So what are the tactics for using your real estate CRM to convert your online leads into clients?

When a lead first comes in, you need to respond immediately, that`s a crucial point. But what if a lead comes in at 11:00 p.m. and you`re already asleep? This is often the case with online leads.

The solution is to automate your follow-ups through your real estate CRM! This is how you can do that:

1. Set up your online leads to automatically feed into your real estate CRM.

2. When a new web lead is added to your CRM, it should automatically launch a follow-up workflow.

3. The first action in that follow-up workflow should be an auto-responder—a text, email, or both—that will be delivered immediately to the lead, letting them know you will be calling them as soon as humanly possible (ideally, within 5 minutes, unless it`s the middle of the night). The first person to speak with a lead has much better odds of landing them as a client.

4. At the same time the workflow is sending the auto-responder to the lead, it should also send you a notification to reach out to the lead. Then you call them morning, noon, and night until you reach them.

After your initial response, the key to converting your online real estate leads is using a variety of methods to follow up consistently over a long period of time. When you`re diverse, you can be sure to hit on a suspect’s favorite means of communication. And by following up consistently over time, you will be slowly building a relationship with each of your leads even if you`ve never met them in person.

Here are some activities your long-term follow-up workflow might include:

-    Phone call reminders
-    Email templates (easily automated!)
-    SMS text messages
-    Checklists for sending direct mail (postcards, letters, Buyer/Seller Packages, etc.)
-    Short videos

"...Using a CRM is how you accomplish consistent follow-up. It`s how you respond instantly to incoming leads. And it`s how you assure your potential clients that nothing will ever slip through the cracks".